Activities at SCBS

Activities Undertaken at the Center is as Given Below

activities at SCBS

Training and Workshops

SCBS has conducted a series of two-day workshops, known as Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), aimed at enhancing the expertise of faculty members from Symbiosis institutions in the field of 'Undertaking Experimental Design Using Eye-Tracker.' These workshops were strategically organized to foster the advancement of behavioral research within the Symbiosis community. Other workshops organized by the center are ‘Case Study Research’, ‘Academic Writing’, ‘Mediation, Moderation and Conditional Process Analysis’, ‘Grounded Theory’, to name a few.

Consultancy Projects

The center has engaged in several industry projects within the realm of Behavioral Studies, with a particular focus on marketing and branding. These initiatives have harnessed the resources available at the center, including the utilization of advanced tools such as Eye-tracker, SPSS, AMOS, Nvivo, and more. Due to the non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in place with these esteemed organizations, we are regrettably unable to provide additional information or details concerning these projects.

Webinar/Round Table/Seminars/Conferences in the Behavioral Domain

SCBS proudly hosted the 'International Conference on Behavioral Science in Management' (CBSM 2022). This event brought together leading academicians who presented their research papers in behavioral studies. In addition, industry panel discussions and sessions led by renowned researchers in the behavioral domain enriched the discourse on this critical subject.

Research Projects and Grants

SCBS applies for grants from governmental and non-governmental funding agencies. The center has full time research scholars (JRFs) and interns undertaking research for fulfilling the requirement for their doctoral degree or graduation (engineering degree). Grant support from Research Institute of Neuroscience, Samara State Medical University, Russia under the Grant Strategic Academic Leadership: Priority 2030, Recourse: State Concurs, Moscow 2021–2030.

Opportunities for students

One of the important aims at SCBS is to create opportunities and skill development for students. Students from SIBM- Pune, and other Symbiosis institutions like Symbiosis institute of Design (SID), Symbiosis Center for Media and Communication (SCMC), Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB) and Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management (SIDTM) have benefitted by designing experiments in the marketing domain to understand the un-conscious mind of the consumers.