Publications of SCBS

The details of selected publications of SCBS are given below

Sr. No. Description
1 Thapa, S.B., Gahlot, P., Suryavanshi, K., Gandhi, A., Raman, R. (2023) - A Non-intrusive Experiment to Examine the Visual Attention Data on Exposure to a Brand using Eye Tracking.
2 Komal Suryavanshi, Prasun Gahlot, Surya Thapa, Aradhana Gandhi, Ramakrishna & Raman (2022) - Gamification on OTT Platforms: A Behavioural Study for User Engagement. International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications.
3 Gahlot, P., Thapa, S. B., Suryavanshi, K., Gandhi, A. & Raman, R. (2023) - Effect of Timing Sequence of Brand Promotion in an Online Video-an-Eye-Tracking Study. Journal of Computer Science, 19(1), 99-111.
4 Gahlot,P. Suryavanshi, K., Gandhi, A., Raman, R. (2023, March) - Augmented Reality Application for Sustainable Development- A Grounded Theory Approach. International Conference on Sustainable Computing and Smart Systems (ICSCSS 2023), Coimbatore, India.
5 Kaushik Samaddar and Aradhana Gandhi (2023) - Online Counterfeit Purchase Behaviour: “Moderating effect of Perceived Anonymity and Moral Disengagement”, Young Consumers.
6 Pulin Goyal, Sanjay Bhattacharya, Aradhana Gandhi (2022) - “Grounded theory in management research: through the lens of gender-based pay disparity”. Journal of Advances in Management Research.
7 Gandhi, A. V. & Gandhi, V. (2021) - Dealing with a Monopolistic Vendor. Journal of International Business Education, Vol 16, pp. 255-260.
8 Mugdha Vinod Dani, Aradhana Vikas Gandhi (2022) - “Understanding the drivers of innovation in an organisation: a literature review”. International Journal of Innovation Science.
9 Saikat Gochhait , Alexander Zakharov (2023) - “Aquaporin-4 as the Main Element of the Glymphatic System for Clearance of Abnormal Proteins and Prevention of Neurodegeneration: A Review”. WSEAS Transactions on Biology and Biomedicine, 20, art. no. #11, pp. 110-118.
10 A. Rawat and S. Gochhait (2022) - "Iot Enabled Mental Health Diagnostic System Leveraging Cognitive Behavioural Science," 2022 International Conference on Decision Aid Sciences and Applications (DASA), Chiangrai, Thailand, 2022, pp. 1401-1405, doi: 10.1109/DASA54658.2022.9765032.
11 Wallace, R.; Leonova, I.; Gochhait, S. - On the Inherent Instability of Biocognition: Toward New Probability Models and Statistical Tools. Entropy 2022, 24, 1070.
12 I. Paliwal and S. Gochhait - "Classification of Machine Learning and Power Requirements for HAI (Human Activity Identification)," 2023 International Conference on Inventive Computation Technologies (ICICT), Lalitpur, Nepal, 2023, pp. 199-204, doi: 10.1109/ICICT57646.2023.10134470.
13 Khedekar-Swaminathan, A. (2018) - “Behavioral Strategies to Achieve Financial Stability in Uncertain Times” ed. A. Behl and S. Nayak, Maintaining Financial Stability in Times of Risk and Uncertainty, IGI Global.
14 Khedekar-Swaminathan, A., Kulkarni, S., (2018) - “Behavioral Challenges for Retirement Planning: A Study of Employees of the Information Technology Industry in Pune, Maharashtra”. International Journal of Applied Behavioral Economics (IJABE), 7(2).

Research Publications under Review (SCBS)

Sr. No. Description
1 Kaushik Samaddar and Aradhana Gandhi, “Exploring and Reinvestigating Customers Sentiments towards the Counterfeiting Phenomenon”: A Triangulation Study", Journal of advances in management research.
2 Sunaina Kuknor and Aradhana Gandhi, The potential of virtual internships for management education, Education + Training.
3 Gahlot,P., Suryavanshi, K., Gandhi, A., “Self-augmentation in retail: The mediating effect of consumer experience on purchase intention”: Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration.
4 Prasun Gahlot, Komal Suryavanshi, Aditi Rajput, Surya Bahadur Thapa; Aradhana Gandhi: Seeing is believing: The rise of augmented reality in the online marketplace. ICTS Indonesia, IEEE 2023
5 Aradhana Gandhi, Sunaina Kuknor and Saadan Shifa: “An ethnographic study on Work from Home during the Covid-19 Pandemic; time to reflect and introspect”: Qualitative Report,
6 Dipasha Sharma, Sandesh Singh, Aradhana Gandhi: “Benchmarking Machine learning Algorithms methods to forecast credit ratings: Evidences from Non-Banking Finance Industry”: Global Business and Organizational Excellence.

Ongoing Experimental Studies under SCBS lab using wearable eye tracker glasses

Sr. No. Description
1 A joint study with Symbiosis Centre for Media and Communication (SCMS) on ‘The study to ascertain the relationship between engagement of readers on news portals and the intention to subscribe/pay for these portals.’
2 Symbiosis Institute of Design and Symbiosis Institute of Digital and Telecom Management students undertaking behavioral studies using eye tracking.
3 Projects undertaken in association with Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well-being (SCEW) in the mental health domain.
4 A Study of visual attention on healthy food choices in an online food order menu: An Eye Tracking Study.
5 Impact of Nutritional Label information on the choice of health supplements- an eye-tracking study.
6 A campaign to reduce food waste in university mess- an eye-tracking study.
7 The research project delves into the recipients of the Symbiosis Community Outreach Program and Extension (SCOPE) scholarship for graduate education residing in five identified villages within Mulshi taluka. The study aims to comprehend the awareness levels about the scholarship among the residents and analyze the resultant changes in beneficiaries’ behavior, quality of life, and standard of living.