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The International Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics (IJNN) is an open access, international journal publishing original research and reviews across all areas of neuroscience, neuroinformatics, and neuroentrepreneurship. Fostering a multidisciplinary approach, it encapsulates the intricate interplay between neural mechanisms, computational methodologies, and the emergent landscape of neurobusiness. By consistently showcasing original investigations, theoretical expositions, and empirical studies of the highest caliber, this journal stands as an indispensable vanguard in shaping the trajectory of scholarly discourse within these convergent fields. Publishing high-quality, double-blind peer-reviewed research, the journal adheres to the most exacting standards of academic inquiry while also engendering transformative dialogues that resonate across academia and industry, thereby advancing the research landscape of the neurosciences, neuroinformatics, and neuroentrepreneurship nexus.

Mission & Scope

The International Journal of Neuroscience and Neuroinformatics (IJNN) is devoted to the enrichment of the cognitive landscape through the convergence of neuroscience and neuroinformatics. With an unwavering commitment to fostering and analyzing new theories, concepts, applications, and more, the journal endeavors to examine the complexities of neural processes and their applications in a multitude of disciplines. The journal aims to cultivate an inclusive forum wherein scholars and practitioners are invited to present pioneering studies, empirical investigations, and theoretical paradigms that collectively galvanize the advancement of neuroscientific knowledge. By affording a platform for interdisciplinary discourse, the journal encourages transformative dialogues that resonate across academia, industry, and clinical practice.



Artificial Neural Networks Behavioral Neuroscience
Brain Imaging Brain-Computer Interfacing
Cognitive Behavior Cognitive Informatics
Cognitive Neuroscience Cognitive Psychology
Computational Models Computational Neuroscience
Consumer Behavior Customer Prediction
Data Analytics Decision-Making
Nanotechnology Neural Signal Processing
Neural-Industrial Engineering Neurocomputing Technologies
Neuroeconomics Neuroentrepreneurship
Neuroethics Neuroinformatics
Neuromanagement Neuromarketing
Neuropsychology Neurosciences
Social Neuroscience