Consumer’s Preferences while Selecting Personal Care Products: An Eye-Tracking Experiment

An eye-tracking study was conducted by students of SIBM, Pune in SCBS lab wherein 16 female respondents in the age group of 21-32 were invited for an experiment with personal care products. They were made to look at the labels on the pet bottles and the observations were recorded by Tobii eye-tracker. Additionally, consumer’s preference between bundled solution pack and stand-alone solution packs was also examined. The results provided valuable insights which could be helpful for the marketers while designing and packaging a product. The consumers were more interested in the solutions the product was offering rather than the particular composition of the product. Also, the consumers tended to pay more attention on the bundled packs that was on offer, rather than the standalone products. These results were concluded on the basis of heat maps and the time to first fixation generated through the Tobii eye tracker. With this experimental research, being a part of a corporate competition, SIBM students are strengthening their candidature compared to other B-school participants.