Eye Tracking Simulation

SCBS conducted Eye Tracking Simulation for SID students on 4th January 2019.

Symbiosis Centre for Behavioural Studies was proud to host Mr. Parag Amodkar, Regional Manager, Tobii Sweden, for an insightful session on Eye tracking and it's applications in understanding consumer behavior for students and faculty of Symbiosis Institute of Design.

Starting right from the fundamentals of how eyes function and capture images, Mr. Amodkar discussed the history, developments in technology in recent years and the current trends. Discussing recent innovations at Tobii, Mr. Amodkar used several live examples across industries to provide a holistic view of the technology.

All the students then were given an opportunity to go through a simulated experiment using the eye tracker for hands-on experience.

We thank Mr. Amodkar for taking his time out for such an interactive and insightful session and the students and faculty of Symbiosis Institute of Design for being an enthusiastic audience.